Monday, April 10, 2006

Nursing Home

This nursing home is located in West County. It's interesting, because most local adults have no idea that it is there. However, most local teenagers are acutely aware of its presence. This is easily apparent from all the obviously "teenage rebellion" inspired graffiti and thoughtless vandalism. The building is not very old, nor has it been abandoned for a very long time (around ten years, I believe), but it has suffered more damage than most buildings ten times its age. This is the reason that it is probably the most dangerous location that I've visited as far as getting arrested goes. The local police watch this place like hawks. They know the areas that people park to visit it, and the don't hesitate to come inside after you.

In fact, the last time I attempted to visit this site with Soccermom we had a run-in ourselves. We were unable to access the building, because the entrance I had used before had been secured. The entire building seemed as if someone had taken great pains to re-secure it. They did an excellent job, and I didn't want to ruin their efforts, so I decided to call it a night. On the way back to my car, I noticed a car parked across the busy street and though briefly "I wonder if that's a cop car." As Soccermom and I came into a lit area, the car turned and painted us with a powerful spotlight. We both hit the ground, only to realize that we were still fully illuminated. "Run!" I said. Unfortunately, she didn't hear me say that. She just suddenly realized that I was halfway across the field without her. Boy we laughed about that one................a few days later.

This previous experience was taken into account when Tunajive and I planned out latest trip. We parked in a place so far away that we had to suck wind up what I'm sure is one of the steepest hills in the state of Missouri. We had to convince ourselves that we were willing to be out of breath for awhile to avoid any kinds of legal trouble. In the years since I had last visited, the building had changed very little. Apparently, local law enforcement's efforts had been successful, because there was little new graffiti. What we did notice was that much of the trash and debris that had once been present was cleaned up. This supported the rumors I have heard that the current owners are trying very hard to sell the site. I was surprised, then, that they worked so hard to clean the place up but didn't paint over the various murals that say things like "I rape small children."

I have heard the stories that this home is haunted. It is quite apparent how these stories got started. The building is never quiet. One is forced to stop and listen every few moments because of different strange sounds or vibrations. I am not ready to say that is actually is haunted, but it is an eerie place to visit. Local teenagers have tryed to make the building even scarier, and in many places one can see bloody handprints or footprints or makeshift Ouija boards or messages like "Get out while you still can."

Many of the sites I visit are beautiful examples of decay and neglect. This site is not beautiful, but it is an interesting example of meaningless teenage vandalism. I can understand the graffiti, but personally I think the fires that have been started are a tad unnecessary. Regardless, the local teens have made this site their own, and it has become part of the local lore.


Blogger Corporate Nosering said...
first of all, your blog (which i stupidly haven't visited in a while) makes me all excited and antsy. (and yes, a bit jealous that i'm not there too.)
this nursing home one gave me chills. the picture of the walker in the middle of the hallway is one of the creepiest things i have ever seen.
amazing stuff, my dear.

7:12 AM  

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