Friday, March 03, 2006

A Return to Falstaff (a.k.a. White Rabbit is "da man")

The same day that Chris, Tunajive, and I showed White Rabbit and Hiccup around the Armour Packing Plant, we also made a trip to the Falstaff Brewery. White Rabbit was particularly impressed with the Consumer's Brewery Cave which lies underneath the complex. After we had finished exploring the rest of the Brewery, he asked us if we could go back down to the cave. He had a pair of chest-high waders in his car, and wanted to take a look at the flooded lower levels of the cave. Man, this guy was good!

True to his word, White Rabbit returned with the waders, and we all watched in awe as he prepared to descend the rickety ladder into the lower portions of the Consumer's Brewery Cave. I was quite jealous, knowing that he was probably the first person in decades to see these areas. I was a little worried that the water may be too deep even for chest-high waders. It was difficult to judge just how deep the water was from our vantage point six feet above the surface. Luckily, the water in most places came up to just higher than his bellybutton. There were only a few places that he didn't think he could make it. He did comment later that it was difficult holding his arms and camera above his head the whole time.

White Rabbit ventured into the lower chambers, which were apparently pretty extensive as we waited a good half hour for his return. He would sometimes yell us things describing what he saw, and every once in awhile I would catch a glimpse of his flashlight or the flash of his camera in a far off area of the cave. Hearing him talk about how much of the cave remains to be seen by me makes me consider buying a pair of waders myself. Or I guess I could just wait until summer when I won't mind getting a little wet. White Rabbit took a number of pictures of the areas of the cave that he explored. Keep watching his site, for updates about this exploration!

I also found this interesting. The same day, Tunajive found this slip in one of the buildings of the brewery. It seems to be some kind of, I don't know..............Distributor report to the brewmaster. That's just my uninformed guess, though. Man, I love artifacts! Finding things like this really make the history of a place come alive for you.


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